by CHLOE. Vegan Restaurant from New York to London


So yesterday, my sister and I went to the latest Vegan restaurant in the city to catch up with some friends. I hadn’t heard of it however my sister’s friend said it was all the rage on Instagram! So I was happy to check out the place that had been buzzing around on everyone’s lips since it opened a few weeks back. by CHLOE’s story

We went around 3pm, however it was still quite busy then and slightly difficult to find a table for four. But after 10 minutes or so of looking around, we found a communal table in the centre of the restaurant. The dècor is cute and monochrome, it has a token neon sign saying “guac save the Queen” and hanging wicker chairs along the windows. Those would be the Instagram lures I suppose. We did have a field day taking pictures but that’s the norm theses days with millennials including myself.

523f7fed-01b7-449f-852e-45fe33229348I had just eaten a delicious Korean lunch with my best friend however my sister and I decided to try some food from this Vegan place. I ordered a mac & cheese as I was curious how it would taste and my sister ordered sweet potato fries and an iced coffee. Please note that it’s not table service, it’s set out like a ‘fast food’ restaurant. I would also recommend going from 4-5pm to avoid crowds!

The mac & cheese was so good! I didn’t miss the dairy and the nut cheese tasted just as good, if not better. The shiitake bacon was ingenious! I’d highly recommend the mac & cheese!! I paid just over £4 for this small pot.

The air baked sweet potato fries just tasted like sweet potato fries, nothing special, but still on the £4 mark, I would go amiss next time. Also the iced coffee which cost £3.50 or so, I wouldn’t purchase again, I truly missed my costa and Starbucks the very moment I took a sip of the by CHLOE coffee.

Our friends ordered a bunch of stuff, and I had the pleasure of tasting most of them.

Guac Toast: with spiced chickpeas on top with almond Parmesan on a 7 grain toast.

The guac burger: black-bean quinoa sweet potato patty. I tried the patty and it was different but tasty. If you’re vegan and you miss burgers then definitely try this!

The banana bread: for someone who wouldn’t normally reach for something like this, this is super tasty and a great dessert option.

Smoothie of the day, the colour of it is black because of the charcoal in the smoothie, which I thought was very clever! It tasted like bananas, quite tasty!

754078df-f866-4cb0-bb0e-41c02d7ff48bdd5bd45c-c83b-4d66-ad02-25b9215580343ac3659e-da39-405d-92a0-c34e035a7380867f772c-bea9-4334-a75d-4d5d8d6d5fabOh & by the way it was Valentine’s day when we went, and Covent garden had this giant heart on display. Had to take a token pic!

Location: Covent Garden (Piccadilly line)


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