London| Kingly Court & Stax 

Last month I went to visit my little sister in London and it was so exciting because she now lives there. I’ve always had an endless love affair with the City, it’s not always the good kind but when I am there, I always make the most of it. This time I went to a music concert/ gig to see Sinead Harnett (she is great so check her out), I stayed a couple days, and I even had time to shop and eat at Stax!

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If you ever find yourself in London, then go to Kingly Court for some grub! Not only is it pretty to look around but it has all kinds of good food! We were hungover and all we wanted to eat was chicken and waffles, just to see what the fuss was all about, since you hear the Americans always talking about it!

Now let me tell you when I say the chicken is GREAT! The coating on the meat itself is unreal! However, after a few bites here and there, the craving is long gone and all you’re left with is a MAJOR food coma!

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I only managed to take a photo of my friend’s food, because I literally demolished mine and as per usual I over ordered but it was too good not to! My sister and I ended up paying about £40 for the both of us, but in London that’s average price for lunch £15-20! It is expensive but it’s worth a try!

We took some candid and posed photos, but the weather was bad so didn’t take as many as I would have liked! But check them out below!

Outfit details below!

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