The most instagrammed trousers ever!

I don’t know about you but for me, it’s true, these are one of the most instagrammed trousers I’ve seen recently on my gram. As you know if you follow me on my social media that my style icon as of 2017 has been Kourtney Kardashian. She has this effortless, disheveled but chic, cool rock chick vibe going on and love definitely looks good on her.

So today as I was taking a casual stroll along the Zara rails, I bumped into these infamous trousers. So I had to try them on! I do love Zara for their affordable buys however, I was shocked to find that the price tag on these trousers were more than what I would think to pay for them. As my best friend said, these “popper tracksuit” pants were in style as sportswear during our teen years and now 10 years later they’re back with a vengeance and instead of the £15 price tag it would have cost then, these babies cost £69.99! I kid you not, and I just couldn’t justify them so I just took my pictures and left those babies on the rack.

As I mentioned before, my blog is all about affordability, and these trousers aren’t classic and there are too many people wearing them. I hope you enjoyed my mini post on these trousers, since so many of you asked about them I thought I’d write about them on the blog.

Link to the Trousers here!!

Remember ladies, money can’t buy style. You can make anything look like everything with the right styling.

Stay chic.

(Photos taken on my iPhone as this was not a planned post)

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