Stonehenge & Neolithic Houses

So, I have been MIA (missing in action) for a little while, but let me explain myself as to why I have been gone for a month!

Firstly I have a new job, and since starting I have not had any time to blog or time to take any photos at all. Plus it’s super cold now in England and you know how English weather is, always raining.

I want to develop my blog further as more time passes, and think about the content I want to produce, and it’s harder than I once thought or how people or other bloggers make it look or sound. A part of me just wants to write, but the perfectionist in me is a lot more critical of the things I post. So here I am, in a conundrum but I will go against my critical self and write, just to exercise the skill and to progress as much as I can. After all, persistence and consistency is key!

These photos were taken in the middle of summer, the British summer that is, probably only about 18 degrees when I took these pictures. I am very lucky that my parents live so close to a world heritage site that is ‘Stonehenge’. This was my second time there and it was warmer than the last visit, so a lot more enjoyable.

The photos of the Stonehenge were perfect, however the settings of the camera when taking my photos weren’t, however, here they are!

(Outfit details on the bottom!)

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Stonehenge was built 5,000 years ago! It was built in the late Neolithic period around 2500 BC. It’s mind blowing to think that these stones have been there through that many centuries and is still intact. When going there, I had a feeling of awe and amazement. As I soaked up the landscape and the information that was being fed through my ears by my audio tour guide, I felt mesmerised at the ingenuity of the concept of this stone circle that stood before me. There is lot more history than what I can regurgitate so here is the link to learn more.

You should know that there are barriers between the path in which you have to walk around and the stones themselves. This is to preserve the stone circle, apparently few years ago there weren’t barriers, but if you imagine how many people visit Stonehenge and pose with the rocks, surely the natural erosion of the stones would be escalated and we wouldn’t have these stones for too long. So you have to really think about how and when to take the pictures whilst avoiding masses of tourists.

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These Neolithic huts are by the visitor centre of Stonehenge, and they are free to look around. However to see Stonehenge itself, you must pay £16.50 for an adult ticket more info here, which gives you the option of taking a shuttle bus to see the stones or if you’re more adventurous then you can walk about 15 minutes. The location of Stonehenge is in the middle of the English countryside, so it is a beautiful walk if you decide on that.

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My dress is from Zara, such a versatile little dress, can be dressed up or down. Here I just paired them with my summer sandals from Next, so comfy and chic! My sunglasses are from Depop.

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