The Golden Hour 

I am a visual person, and every time I have driven up to see my parents in the countryside of Salisbury, I would pass these fields. In the winter there isn’t anything but soil, come summer, it is filled with beautiful wheat, just miles and miles of it. It gave me a wonderful idea for a photo shoot.

I had a vision of me barefoot, wearing just a dress to show the beauty of simplicity and being in the country side. So with my assistant/photographer/sister/best friend in tow we went and took these beautiful photos.

I am a country girl at heart and not many people know this about me but I love growing vegetables and digging for potatoes, it’s what my grandma taught me to love. I tend to feel more at peace away from the city and closer to nature.

I remember in Nepal (my motherland) when my grandma took my hand and led me under this small tree, we were crouching on the soil with no shoes trying not to get scratched by the branches. And I asked her “Bajai (granny) what are we doing here?” In which she replied, ” we are going to dig for ginger!”. I was so surprised that ginger grew below ground, it made me more curious about growing things and I had so much fun digging for them, and that joy has stayed with me ever since.

These pictures were directed and taken by my patient Gemini sister, thank you for your time and patience. 💕

I hope you enjoyed my little nostalgic story and the pictures.

Details of outfit below||

Rossini @chicsenseblog



Dress: New Look || similar here | here

2 thoughts on “The Golden Hour 

  1. Awww I love your story!!
    It made me nostalgic and made me think about my country 😌
    I usually say I don’t like the country side… because of the bugs and crawly creatures 🙃 But it is true that one can feel at peace closer to nature 🙂


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