Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank Haus & Gay Pride

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Ticket 17.50 euros

On our second day we managed to make our way into central Amsterdam in the afternoon and we headed straight to the Rijksmuseum, we bought our tickets for 17.50 euros and we headed in. We only had 2 hours till closing time but the lady at the ticket office told us usually 3 hours minimum is required to get the most out of the museum. However in 2 hours we managed to browse through the museum as well as take some good pictures.

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Ceiling installation in the foyer

The foyer (pictured above) was truly breathtaking, the room is huge and the installation on the ceiling is impressive. Throughout my trip in Amsterdam, I was just so aesthetically pleased , the clean lines, the symmetry from the farm lands to the architecture and the canals, I was thoroughly impressed.

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My best friend Lax enjoying the exhibition
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I just fell in love with the intricacy of the detailed interiors
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This ship was spectacular

The museum has everything from paintings from the 1800s to 2000s, even a Van Gogh self portrait. YSL to architectural models featured all within the beautiful building. I would say that if you want a little bit of everything to go and explore but otherwise I wouldn’t really go again, it was a comparable museum to the ones we have in London, but in London all museums are free, which you totally start to appreciate when you have to pay for them in other European cities.

Oh and there is free WIFI in the museum for those wondering…

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From there we went to hunt for some food, and let me tell you now, all Lax and I ate throughout our stay was asian food (I know, I know, how Asian are we!) but we found some very good deals that were tasty and didn’t break the bank.

We walked about 15 minutes into the city from the museum and found ourselves in Mr Tong’s, website here. We paid a total of 15 euros for the wok and roll menu and some wonton soup and a soft drink, not bad at all. There are tables outside as well so you can dine al fresco.

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My favourite street, reminded me of New York

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Hustle and bustle in the centre

After this we headed towards the pride canal parade and it was insane to see so many people on boats drinking and dancing with loud blaring music on each little boat, full to the brim with partygoers. We felt like we were in a huge music festival, and the streets were filthy with litter everywhere, it wasn’t a perfect situation for sober people but we did enjoy spectating. It was amazing to see so many people coming together to celebrate Pride.

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Outside Westerkerk Church

Then we were off to Anne Frank haus, one of the main places we wanted to go to. Note that tickets go on sale 2 months in advance on their website, but because we were too late, we tried our luck queuing at about 6pm. There is always a queue, non ticket holders can start lining up after 3:30pm and it closes 10pm but sometimes shuts earlier if the queue is very long to make sure everyone who has lined up can enter the house. We waited about 20-30 minutes, but it was worth it. We paid 9 euros for the ticket and there we started our audio walking tour around the house.

The Anne Frank house was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, I had goosebumps straight from the moment I entered the first room. You forget so quickly that the house you are walking in is the same house that the Frank family was kept hidden. As you’re busy absorbing the information and walking up the stairs which get narrower and steeper each floor you climb, you start to think that it’s just any other museum. But when I saw the bookcase and the audio description stops momentarily I got this overwhelming feeling of emotion and a harsh reality check that this was the exact bookcase that kept the Frank family hidden. It is surreal to realise that the hiding area has been kept intact and preserved so well, it is haunting to know that at such a young age, Anne Frank found an escape with writing and managed to stay so strong throughout.  When I reached the top of the house and watched a film of Otto Frank  (the only Frank to survive) speaking about his children, tears filled my eyes, it really is overwhelming to understand the suffering of so many people but more specifically children that lost their futures.

Lax and I walked out and both agreed that it was the best 9 Euros we’ve ever spent, if you don’t go to any museums, just visit this one, you won’t regret it, you will take the experience with you forever.

Please not that you can’t take pictures inside.

Rossini @chicsenseblog

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