Red Light District & Free Sausage Tasting

I know what you’re thinking, free sausage tasting? It sounds like a euphemism for something else, and  I would say that you’re actually very very wrong. It was a random person offering us a sausage whilst we were on our way to the red light district. It sounds crazy and even crazier the fact that we ate it without thinking of any consequences, but the truth is, Lax and I will never say no to food, even if it means risking our well being. However as I’m here to tell the tale means we are in fact very much alive. It was actually one of the best sausage I’ve ever had!

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It was also pride weekend and there was a party in the streets as we walked to find the canal of sin, it was very enjoyable and an eventful first night in the city. I’ve heard a lot of things about the red light district and so it was nice to finally experience it. It was just how I imagined it to be, packed, lots of tourists, half naked women in the windows, but it was very beautiful at the same time. It was a juxtaposition of scenery, there is a canal dividing the red light district into two sections, it isn’t as seedy as I once would have thought, some how the scenery dilutes what actually inhabits the district.

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It was bizarre seeing women in these small boxed windows as we all stared walking past. It is surreal to see sex for sale so obviously but I definitely think that it’s better to do it in this way where a girl’s safety isn’t compromised as it maybe on the streets. We are all adults here and we know things like this happen regardless of how it is sold, I am not condoning it nor am I condemning it, we all have the right to make our own choices. So if it has to be done, it is better to do it the right way.

All in all the red light district is great for an exciting walk around, it is after all one of the main attractions of Amsterdam, but it wasn’t all that Amsterdam had to offer because the city is so much more than what you hear about. I will show you in my other upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

Please note that you are not allowed to take pictures of the girls in the windows, we witnessed one of the prostitutes hurling abuse at a tourist who tried to take a picture, so don’t do it, respect the rules.

P.S. also remember that coffee shops in Amsterdam is where you can buy and smoke marijuana, (avoid Bulldog as it is far too touristy and overpacked) and a cafe is where you can actually buy coffee.

Rossini @chicsenseblog

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